Artist Statement

My most recent series, Engrained, utilizes the natural grain of the wooden supports on which they are created. Closely examining the organic shapes and concentric outlines created by the grain, the design is developed as color and ink are added, and the final composition often dictates the name of the piece. Sometimes, I work with a theme in mind—red blood cells, hallucinogenic experiences, and viper venom, to name a few; other times, I simply select colors based on my mood and let the composition develop on its own. One particular piece, Engrained: Gaboon Viper Envenomation is painted on plywood and is meant to represent the vascular, cellular, and hallucinogenic response to envenomation from the Gaboon viper, one of the most deadly (and beautiful) snakes in the world.

Much of my work explores themes of spirituality, sexuality, mental health, and nature, and often a combination of these. I consider myself a multi-media artist—I enjoy painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and fiber, and I often combine one or more of these mediums in my work. The piece from my Pharmacopeia series, All Hail The Zombie Prince, is a response to attitudes, both personal and community-based, on mental health and mental health treatment. It is a self-portrait of sorts.


Jack LeSieur is an Edmonson County Native who now lives in Bowling Green, KY. He began his foray into the art world at the age of 8 when he started making pots for his mother from clay he
mined in the forest near his home, and then again at age 11 when he and his dad stood for hours in front of a homemade easel “mastering” the mountain scenes of Bob Ross. Jack studied piano and viola as a teenager, competing in several competitions and serving as the principal violist for several years with the Bowling Green Youth Orchestra. After studying theatre for a
year as a WKU freshman, he switched gears and received his B.A. in Anthropology (Cultural Resource Management) with a second concentration in Design (interior design). He then pursued an M.A. in Folk Studies with a concentration in historic preservation & museology,
after which he became the collections manager, and later Director, of the Downing Museum in Bowling Green. In his curatorial work, Jack has strived to share the inspiring story of Joe
Downing to the general public, as well as provide an outlet for southcentral Kentucky artists to share their creative work. He believes that art has the power to bring happiness, propel social change and justice, and serve as a tool for understanding the often complicated world around us. As a mixed media artist, Jack enjoys printmaking, collaging, painting, and fiber work, and explores how these different media can work together in his own creations. He currently serves as President for ArtworksBG, Treasurer for the Landmark Association of Bowling Green/Warren County, Vice President for the Hobson House Commission, and Secretary for the White Squirrel Arts Festival. He has previously served as Treasurer for the Kentucky Museum and Heritage Alliance and is a Past President of the Friends of Riverview at Hobson Grove. In his spare time, he loves kayaking, playing piano/guitar/banjo, hiking, gardening, houseplants, and spending time with friends, family, and critters Edie the miniature schnauzer, and Donny the Russian tortoise.

For commissions, please contact me here.