Art and Music Lessons

Beginning in February 2023, I will be offering both beginning - intermediate art and piano lessons in my home studio in Bowling Green, KY. 

Art Lessons:
My teaching theory for art is based on supporting and enriching students' existing talents. My personal approach to artmaking is mixed media; I am comfortable teaching drawing (graphite, pastel, etc.), painting (oil, acrylic, and watercolor), printmaking, basic sculpture/3D work, and crafting (soaps, felting, sewing, etc.).

"My first painting teacher was a lady named Andrene Kauffman. She taught me that you can't teach painting, but you must teach LOVE of painting."
Joe Downing

The elements and principles of art are the "building blocks" and "instructions" for designing and creating visual artforms. The elements of art (building blocks) are line, shape, form, value, space, color, and texture. The principles of art (instructions) are rhythm, balance, emphasis, proportion, gradation, harmony, variety, and movement. Exploring their own subject matter and medium, students will be asked to complete projects based one or more of these concepts. This allows students to learn to develop their art at their own pace and understanding, while learning the fundamentals of what makes a piece of art "good." In addition to developing technique, students will also develop an appreciation (love) for art.

My cousin Kendall learning to paint a mini barn quilt at a workshop I hosted.

Students can also participate in field trips to museums and galleries to learn art appreciation and experience local and regional artists. 

Individual art lessons are $50/hour with a minimum of 1 hour.

Group lessons are $30/hour (group lessons are project-based). 

*MOST materials in-studio are provided, however, students may be required to purchase additional materials based on their interests in different mediums. For example, students studying printmaking might be required to purchase their own linolium for cutting, or pay a small materials fee. This will be addressed based on the student's interests.

Piano Lessons:
I have played piano for over 20 years and have experience in classical performance, both in piano and violin/viola. My music teaching theory is based on a blending of the suzuki method (listening-based) as well as traditional instruction (theory, sight-reading, etc.)

Piano lessons are $30/half hour.

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